Hole in One Policy

Hole in One Policy at Gulf Harbour

Tradition says when you get a hole in one then you shout your fellow players and any golfer in the bar a drink. We like traditions at Gulf Harbour and would like to honour this tradition.

In all cases, a hole in one must be achieved during a legitimate round with a signed scorecard completed. If a score card is printed for an 18-hole round then the player must complete the full round and at least 9 holes played, if playing 9 holes.

Gulf Harbour Members playing at Gulf Harbour Country Club

Gulf Harbour Members are reminded that the annual hole in one levy included in the membership subscription will cover them completely for the full year. In the event of a player holing in one then the player will be indemnified for;

  • $100 on the member’s account
  • A bottle spirits of their choice up to the value of $50 which will be left on the bar for players and any golfers to have a drink to acknowledge the hole in one.
  • The player will also receive a hole in one flag to commemorate the achievement
  • The player’s name will also be added to the honours board to recognise their achievement

Gulf Harbour Members playing at another NZ course

  • A bar account of up to $100 (Please bring you receipt back to Gulf Harbour for reimbursement)
  • Or the player can opt to have the $100 bar credit at Gulf Harbour on the following Wednesday or Saturday.
  • The player will receive a hole in one flag to commemorate the achievement

NZ Affiliated Visitors to Gulf Harbour

Your own Club’s hole in one policy stipulates what they will do for you.

We will attempt to find out what their policy is if you are unsure.