Junior Coaching is lead by NZPGA Professional Dominic Sainsbury though Wellness Golf

Our golf program is based on years of working in the area of young players development. It is based on developing the skills that lead to growing a love for the game and making playing golf achievable for everyone. By managing the environment very carefully we have created a structure that will help young players develop their potential whilst achieving success at every stage. We have created the foundation for future success and longterm participation in “a sport for life”, Golf!

More than just coaching, our program is about meeting the needs of players and parents by including

Competition, Organized Practice and Social Elements. We don’t just teach golf we build a whole Golf environment that inspires and motivates players to immerse themselves in the game.


Through the Wellness golf program young players develop all the skills necessary to have fun on the golf course. More than just technical golf skills; It includes development of tactical skills, key physical skills,

and the development of behavioral traits to love playing the game.

We ensure that players are ready both physically and emotionally to love the challenges that come with playing our game


Our objectives

  • Provide a simple developmental pathway of skill and competency for all young players
  • Develop a supportive but competitive environment for young players
  • Provide clear guidelines for coaches, parents and players to understand this pathway
  • Create a positive environment on and off the golf course to meet the fundamental needs of the players
  • To keep the wellbeing and development of the child as a person at the center of everything that we do


The Program supports the people involved:

  • Children – delivering every aspect of a program to help them to love the game
  • Coaches (including Assistants) –giving clear guidelines, training and support
  • Parents – guiding and helping parents on their child’s golf journey
  • Clubs – connecting and supporting the whole environment with global best practice


Our Coaching Program - Using a program that includes:

  • Structured lesson plans
  • Core learning principles based on accepted child development
  • Practice opportunities through weekly and monthly playing opportunities
  • Social and Belonging helping players connect both on and off course
  • Parent Communication helping to manage expectation and progress


Creating the environment

We believe in the following core physical literacy philosophies that influence everything that we do in our program. Each child has the right to experience an environment that is safe and fun.

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Coaching programs have a strong focus on learning golf in a fun and social way starting up again on Sunday the 23rd of January.

To book email, WellnessGolf@outlook.com

Sunday 1.00pm to 1.45pm

Sunday 2.00pm to 2.45pm

Sunday 3.00pm to 3.45pm

Tuesday 4.00pm to 4.45pm

Thursday 4.00pm to 4.45pm

*Please note that golf memberships is extra to coaching.